Both aesthetic and protectivethe bonding application, is one of today's most frequently performed dental treatment. After examination teeth were evaluated decision operation, and generally, the application is carried out with the least amount of tooth loss. In some cases etching may be needed.These conditions can vary from patient to patient.

In cases where etching is applied, it does not require local anesthesia injection (needle) Patients with phobicIt can be applied easily.

The most common situations in which the transaction implementation

  • The surface is rough in spots that holds teeth in a short time
  • Ideal when small, short or spaced teeth
  • Trauma with broken teeth
  • Whitening results in cases of patient expectations are not met
  • Carious teeth

Reasons to prefer

  • the elimination of aesthetic concerns
  • The short duration of treatment
  • To be more economic
  • Less loss of tooth substances

After the procedure should be considered

  • Points to be considered in natural teeth (nail eat constantly beat in the same place of the core, with the thread break foreign bodies in general oral hygiene etc.) do not require extra attention outside.
  • deformation control at certain intervals and must polish process.