Gums gingival epithelium in humans, especially in what we call brown the top, depending on the tissue in dense accumulation of cells called melanocytes name dark brown, black colorations mAlArA called pigmentation. This coloration (pigmentation) of the process is resolved impart aesthetic appearance depigmentasyonIt called.

Person to person, from region to region in the mouth (particularly the upper and lower jaw are regarded as localized or diffuse in the anterior regions) and in particular gingival color varies according to the skin color has changed in color from purple to pink. The depth of epithelialization, vascularization leads to the change of use of non-melanocyte formation and gum color. Actually, to be defined as a disease disrupts the aesthetic is an image disorder as a serious aesthetic and cause unrest in most people.

Gum colouration are classified as follows;

  • No clinical discoloration (pink gums)
  • Mild clinical coloration (light brown gum)
  • Central clinical coloration (light brown or pink-brown mixed gum)
  • Heavy clinical coloration (dark brown or blue-black gum)

Laser depigmentation process

Aesthetics are very important nowadays when talking and laughing and individuals appearing in the elimination of disturbing gingival pigmentation (depigmentation of the treatment) The obvious advantages of laser the vardır.lazer peeling (peeling) effect According to the condition faydalanılmaktadır.vak anesthesia or as an anesthetic in one or several sessions gum is brought to its normal color. Also after treatment Have less pain and swelling and in a short time (approximately 1 week) are some of the major advantages of providing healing. At the same time provide disinfection laser infection controlin terms of great advantage.

Once the process is applied consists of a dark red gums, then the top of the red area is covered with a white sheet, this is a white layer of healing band reaches a week later gums healthy and pink rose color with normal color.