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Digital Smile Design


Digital smile design is a form of artificial intelligence that has ravaged the world of dental aesthetics. This high-tech procedure allows dentistry practices to be much more efficient and predictable. At Dentatacity, our dentists are implementing Artificial Intelligence Digital Smile Design before the Hollywood Smile.

Porcelain is an element that behaves exactly like a natural tooth and has high durability. It adds an authentic appeal to the smile due to its color matching feature.

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital smile design is an effective tool for many situations. Firstly, it is extremely useful in terms of planning your smile and providing a better perspective to your dentist.

This is a very important application for us at Dentatacity, because we take care to give each person their own unique smile. For a procedure that enhances natural beauty and complements the proportions of the face, we need to take into account every feature.

Digital Smile Designs simplify this process for us and make it much more accurate. We can change your smile in this software and see how it fits your face.

Which brings us to the second point, namely the communication between you and dec dentist. Instead of hoping for the best, our dentists at Dentatacity can show you your future smile. This gives you the opportunity to comment or suggest changes.

Digital Smile Design makes dental applications much more efficient and predictable.

Digital Smile Design

How Does It Work?

We have well-trained digital smile design providers at Dentatacity who are experts in using this technology. In order to catch the right smile, we need to use an in-mouth scanner connected to Digital Smile Design software at Dentatacity. This takes photos and videos of your mouth from the inside. Then, using a camera, we compile videos and pictures of your face from various angles and under various facial expressions.

At Dentatacity, we make sure that you analyze your smile thoroughly to understand how your gums, lips, and teeth interact with Digital Smile Design.

We are proud of our outstanding dental team that carries the spirit of art. This is what the Design of the Smile is based on in general. The only thing that the Smile Design needs from the technicians is to reveal the potential of the procedure.

Hollywood Smile Digital Smile Design
At Dentatacity, we mostly use the Digital Smile Design procedure for Hollywood Smile. Because it is the procedure where the aesthetic appearance of the smile is the most important.

It completely changes the smile, and for this we need to make sure that the person will get the right smile. We cannot produce coatings unless we are sure of the results. Typically, no coating is “wrong” if we are talking about assembly.

So, how will your smile look like after the Hollywood Smile procedure? Are you natural looking and special to you? All of these answers can be handled with Digital Smile Design.

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Digital Imaging

Digital imaging is common in dental clinics, but in essence it does not provide the same predictability as DSD. It does not equally visually convey the results to patients. In the same way, it does not take into account the smallest details of your smile or its relationship to your facial features.

Therefore, it lacks clarity in comparisons with the Digital Smile Design.

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