Also cleaning of plaque tartar cleaning, also known as scaling. When seemingly simple, but necessary precautions are not taken calculus is a disorder that results in too heavy. Add food wastes are not cleared with the cause of oral care, combined with minerals in the saliva creates dental stone. To prevent the damage that this stone formed teeth 6 months or a yearRemoval of tartar should be done. A disease can lead to problems for the return of the difficult situation wait to come back would be much more useful to identify the beginning.

Loss of dental stone

Gum Disease: Tartar, it occurs at the junction with the tooth gum. Offers all the conditions necessary for the survival of bacteria due to the nature of plaque. This means that for gum infections found on the calculus. Bleeding is often the first symptom of gum disease. These disorders will reach heights leading up to the fall of the last tooth. It is necessary to clean up the calculus without causing such a big problem.

Bleeding of the gums: Bleeding gums is the initial stage of tartar and gum problems originated. In some cases, without even brushing your teeth gums bleed was observed.

Bad Breath: Dental stones are usually caused by lack of or incorrect in terms of oral hygiene. This may cause improper care, such as an extra mouth to smell the odor emitted by inflamed gums that will be a big problem.

Gum Withdrawal: inflammation caused by dental caries and the reaction of the body against damage to the gums away from that area. Gum disease is a serious withdrawal of treatment results but sometimes it is very difficult.

Tooth Loss: due to insufficient bone mass, and particularly due to gum disease and tooth dangle withdrawal of dislodgement. access to treatment of disorders of this size sometimes can not be compensated.

Move Tooth Cleaning How?

The method and duration of the cleaning calculus; The size of tartar, of gum disease

lack of availability varies according to the degree of discomfort if any. If the patient is very advanced gum disease or tooth cleaning carries the name of the scalers or ultrasonic devices are built with hand tools. Then with a special brush or recently used “airflow”performing coloration by the method of polishing are removed and the teeth are polished. "Airflow" method, especially tea, coffee, and is used for removing coloration arising from tobacco smoking.

All dental calculus under the teeth and gums are cleaned and removed one by one. In some cases, patients may require surgical intervention. If this type of transaction küretaj The statement said. More teeth session duration in this type of transaction that the transaction increases ranged moved and mouth problems and to do.

Does Tooth Removal Process is hurt?

Cleaning of dental calculus is not a painful process. Apart from the cleaning process without the slightest tingle under anesthesia is not any case of burn patient's life. Because people in the operations performed in any forward-dimensional patient already used anesthetic It is not feeling pain and suffering.

Move Tooth Cleaning Harmful?

After cleaning the patient's gums relax and warm against the cold for a short time precisionIt may occur. Buddha is prevented by good oral hygiene. The equipment used when no teeth cleaning dental calculus or corrosive damage to gumstransmitterA feature available. Cleaning of dental calculus and is an extremely useful method of treatment, which relaxes your gums.

The Difference Between Teeth Whitening and Dental cleaned up?

Thanks to the driven teeth whitening tooth bleaching gel onto the teeth is the process of opening up to 3-4 tons of color. The female has implemented a number of reasons for the removal of yellowish or dark colors. The cleaning of tartar on the teeth of dental calculus and receiving are performed to clean the stains.

Director Stone Dental possible to get away from home?

Home to get rid of tartar It is not concernedbut subject to ensure good oral and dental hygiene to prevent the formation of plaque that is possible. See the outside to make the move teeth cleaning must be cleaned by the invisible gum pockets. It is impossible for such transactions to be carried out at home.