Should I use dental floss? Did it floss your teeth hurt?

Tooth brush and tooth paste at will make oral and dental cleaning with harmful organisms and bacteria can clean up only 70%. The remaining 30% of which can not enter between the teeth of our toothbrush is not cleared. Therefore, it is important that we complete the oral and dental health, using dental floss. Do not use floss your teeth incorrectly can damage only. You tooth is important to consult your doctor for the correct use of appropriate dental floss and dental floss.

Bleeding while brushing my teeth Why?

As you can imagine brushing your teeth bleeding during or at other times it is not a positive situation. The first symptom of the disease is bleeding gums and your health for time to consult your dentist if you notice bleeding is very important to you. The bacteria, plaque, tartar and so on. You make the treatment of this bleeding is primarily due to the reasons, if you have the risk of losing your teeth and even tooth.

What is the Tooth Loss Tea and Coffee Consumption of Too Much?

More teeth are coloring the form of tea and coffee consumption in major damage to the teeth. To prevent this discoloration, also a lot we need to make our tea and coffee we consume CLEANING mouth and teeth in a very orderly manner. 2 times a day for at least 2 minutes to brush our teeth with the right method can prevent staining our teeth. If too late to staining, discoloration caused by the consumption of tea and coffee can be removed with teeth whitening application.

Is it harmful to teeth whitening?

Contrary as to be harmful to teeth cleaned move is useful for our dental and oral health. with failing to detect any damage to strengthening our teeth cleaning dental calculus and caries, making the move a dental cleaning every 6 months for the prevention of problems such as tooth sensitivity are recommended by expert physicians.

What is the Cause of Bad Breath?

Fırçalasa your teeth regularly and correctly can experience problems, even the smell of the mouth. As the largest intra-oral causes of halitosis infection may show an advanced gum disease or tooth to decay. Halitosis problem may occur as a result of one of these disorders. However, a number of systemic diseases such as diabetes occur in halitosis. Therefore it should be checked by your dentist and may need to begin treatment in order to remove odors.