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How is the treatment administered?

There are two types of treatment that can be chosen. The first of these is the method that gives faster results in your dentist’s office (Office bleaching), and the other is the method that you can apply yourself at home (Home bleaching).

Can we get the same result in all kinds of coloring?

Yellow and slightly brown discolorations that develop over time give the best results. Dark brown, blue-gray discolorations are hard-to-whiten discolorations located in the deepest structures of the tooth.

Such discolorations usually occur as a result of the use of antibiotics such as tetracycline during the development of the tooth, and it may be necessary to increase the number of whitening sessions in order to achieve the desired result.

How long does the effect of teeth whitening last?


The effect of teeth whitening usually varies between 1-2 years. If you do not smoke heavily, if you do not consume foods that will color the teeth, this period will be longer.

In addition, if the bleaching process performed in the clinic is supported by the bleaching process performed at home every 3-6 months, the time can be extended.

How soon can I get the result of the whitening process?

The bleaching process performed in the office lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour on average. A few days after whitening, the color of the teeth takes its final form.

Home-type bleaching performed with gels placed on plaques created with the measurement taken in the practice gives results in 1-2 weeks compared to the gel.

What should I pay attention to after whitening?

After bleaching, it is beneficial to stay away from foods that can color the teeth, such as tea, coffee, cigarettes, red wine, and cherry juice. Paying attention to general oral care will also prevent recurrence of discoloration.

What are the other whitening alternatives on the market?

Apart from the whitening methods applied by dentists, whitening kits that are sold in pharmacies and markets are spreading rapidly. These are not recommended as they increase the risks of treatment.

They can be harmful in teeth with gum disease or tooth decay and in teeth with sensitive dentin tissue. These whitening agents must be used in consultation with a physician.

Does the whitening process damage the teeth?

The whitening process applied in the correct procedure does not cause any harm to the teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Your dentist applies the hydrogen peroxide-containing whitening gel to your teeth. After applying safe UV rays to catalyze the process, the gel particles begin to act faster. When the bleaching gel penetrates the tooth enamel through its pores, it begins to chemically break down the stains.

Hollywood Smile

Aesthetic dentistry is a field of dentistry that focuses entirely on the beauty aspect of the smile. It’s about fixing the proportions and letting your smile complement your natural beauty. Having a beautiful smile can do wonders for you and your life, both emotionally and physically.

In which cases are porcelain dental laminates applied?

It can be applied in highly discolored teeth that can not get results with whitening, teeth with bad structural form and shape, joining split teeth, restoration of broken or worn teeth, correction of old fillings, correction of crooked and crooked teeth.

How many sessions does porcelain laminate dental treatment take?

If your gums do not require any treatment or aesthetic intervention, you can have a new smile in 2-3 sessions, that is, within 1 week.

Do porcelain laminate teeth fall out?

Adhesion values of today’s adhesive technologies are very high. If the physician acts in accordance with the technical sensitivity in the application, you can use your laminates like your own teeth.

Do laminates turn yellow?

Porcelain lamina has a stain-proof feature due to its glassy structure. If the use of tea, coffee and cigarettes is not overdone and attention is paid to oral care, they will not show yellowing.

Why are aesthetic filling applications needed?

The aim in aesthetic dentistry is to obtain satisfactory results both visually and functionally. For this purpose, aesthetic fillings are used because they are the closest option to the natural tooth form in terms of shape and color. Thus, the patient cannot distinguish between the filling and his own tooth.

Are aesthetic fillings durable?

Aesthetic fillings that have replaced metal fillings have become more durable and functional with the developing technology. Aesthetic fillings, whose material content has been developed and strengthened, have started to offer a much longer-lasting, aesthetic and healthy structure than fillings.

Is it necessary to change aesthetic fillings over time?

No, as long as your teeth are routinely taken care of, it is not necessary to change the aesthetic filling if there is no decay or fracture in the tooth. However, you should ensure that your doctor evaluates the condition of your fillings with regular checks.

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