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Metal-supported porcelain veneers used to repair teeth with tooth deficiencies or excess material loss have some aesthetic deficiencies. Especially in cases where aesthetics are important, traditional metal substructures are now replaced by zirconium substructures. Zirconium coating is an application that is compatible with the gums, durable and natural and offers healthy results at the same time.

Advantages of Zirconium Coating

  • It has a natural tooth appearance and is white in color
  • It brings gum health to the best level.
  • Durable,
  • in patients with sensitivity to metal, it does not cause complications,
  • With its insulating feature, hot-cold sensitivity does not develop,
  • It does not cause taste disorders and bad breath.

Zirconium Usage Areas

  • More for aesthetic purposes,
  • In severe colorations where bleaching does not meet the expectation,
  • In hereditary structural disorders,
  • In discrete (diastema), slightly crooked or turned teeth where orthodontic treatment is not preferred,
  • Old filled, whose color and structure are distorted,
  • In the restoration of teeth with excessive loss of substances,
  • In the presence of missing teeth,
  • Anterior group implant prostheses.

Zirconium coating is an aesthetically developed restoration consisting of white metal that is closest to the natural tooth in terms of aesthetics developed as an alternative to eliminate the disadvantages of restorations with metal substructures.



What are the Benefits of Zirconium Tooth | Why It's Recommended by Dentists

First of all, the light transmittance is very high compared to porcelain veneers and classical fillers. This means that instead of a metal look or porcelain color, you will have a more permeable and natural tooth.

Coating materials with dark metal color under porcelain veneers will immediately reveal the color tone of your teeth in a certain light. This dark and faint color tone creates both aesthetic problems and distracts from the real tooth image.

The biggest difference between the coating and zirconium tooth is not only the white appearance. In the long run, it will also give you the self-confidence that the coating cannot provide.

About Zirconium Gum Compatibility

Research has shown that the use of zirconium in the front teeth is much longer-lasting. Although it is thought to be used because it is a white material, it will provide a perfect harmony between the teeth and the gums.

The redness caused by the coating and other filling materials on the gums does not occur in zirconium coating. We can say that it stands out as an important helper for you in whiter, more harmonious and aesthetic terms.

The Effect of Zirconium Coating on Our Quality of Life

The long-term use of the teeth that provide both mouth and face beauty harmony and the treatment of the teeth in a way that will not disturb the person and those around him in the visual sense are now possible with zirconium coated teeth. Materials of different qualities and qualities that comply with the requirements of modern medicine and offer both solid and aesthetic teeth to patients in dental treatment eliminate tooth deficiencies and leave behind concerns about teeth. Zirconium tooth coating properties are better understood during use and increase the quality of life of the patient. In addition, based on the visual quality, zirconium coating prices are quite affordable.

If we need to give a little more information about the properties of zirconium teeth, zirconiums, which also allow bridge application, which is one of the most important treatment methods in case of missing tooth needs, are like natural teeth because they have white colors and tones.

Zirkonyum Kaplama

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Zirconium coating, which has been frequently applied by dentists recently, is the type of restoration that stands closest to the natural tooth in terms of aesthetics. Instead of prosthetic teeth with metal substructure, zirconium teeth are used today both in terms of light transmission and in terms of being more aesthetic. Zirconium coatings are made especially on the front teeth, where the eating and drinking pressure may be lower. Zirconiums, which are tissue-compatible, do not create a situation such as changing color over time. Metal teeth, which took on a dark color over time and did not create a pleasant appearance in the mouth, began to be abandoned and were replaced by zirconium coating. Zirconiums have the ability to be used in the long term if oral and dental care is meticulous.




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